Five Needless Wedding Traditions to Save You Money

There may be no bigger trend in the modern wedding world than frugality. While brides and grooms still want their dream wedding, they are increasingly after the well-budgeted dream. Maintaining frugality can be a challenge in a world where the average wedding costs are right around 30,000. What are the tends that push the price tag on the average wedding? For starters, it’s the adherence to needless traditions that contributes to most broken budgets. Here are five wedding traditions that might not be delivering their promised value to modern brides.

A Wedding Band

Some couples swear by a band under the mistaken belief that the only way to keep the party going is by employing an ensemble of musician. Band can be expensive, though, and they tend to come with their own difficulties. Many bands are finicky in their requests. They need hotel rooms suited to their sensibilities. They need travel arrangements that are just right. they can prove to be a real headache for a couple dealing with so many other things on the big day. Some couple have come to find that a stylish DJ can provide an equivalent experience for a fraction of the cost.

A Large indoor Venue

While weather can dictate a couple’s selection to some extent, many are looking for ways to avoid a large indoor venue. These venues juice up the cost of a wedding significantly. Green, open space is plentiful in many areas, while the number of buildings suitable for a wedding might be limited. If you live in the sort of place where good weather is likely, it might pay to choose a big tent approach over an expensive indoor venue.

It’s become custom to obtain the services of both a wedding photographer and videographer. Many couples are finding that their wedding video gets stuffed away never to be viewed again. In the age of online social media, many of your friends will likely be capturing your wedding from Snapchat and Instagram. Videography could be unnecessary, allowing you to chop cost entirely or focus on hiring a more accomplished wedding photographer.

An Expensive Meal

It may seem like sacrilege to suggest that couples cut the meal at their wedding. The truth is that most people don’t come to wedding for the sit-down meal, and these meals are a major component of the high wedding cost. While sit-down meals are more of a tradition in the North, many couples in the South have been getting by with only appetizers for years now. You might choose an optional buffet approach, too, to give food only to those who want it. This will also add a better flow to your wedding, allowing guest to spend more time out on the dance floor or meeting with other guests.

The Wedding Dress

Wedding dresses are the golden goose of the wedding traditions. They’re also the single item most likely to challenge your budget. Many brides pay thousands of dollars for a dress they’ll only wear once. Later, they may come to realize that the day was about them and their groom rather than the overpriced attire. Instead of paying big money for a fancy dress, some brides are choosing to have a less formal wedding, wearing a white sun dress instead. Many still are using wedding gown rental services to save costs if they absolutely must have the flowing white option.

Weddings don’t have to break the bank. In an era when more and more young people have tens of thousands of dollars of debt, it’s never been more important to cut corners on big ticket weddings. While a little bit of tradition can contribute to a memorable wedding, there’s no rule that says you have to follow everything your friends or older sibling did. If you can find ways to cut a handful of traditions that mean nothing to you, the wedding bill could end up being a bit more reasonable.

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