New Wedding Trends for 2017

Formalizing your happily ever after vows with your spouse to be has never looked this exciting. Planning a wedding in 2017 is sure to open doors to a whole world of wonderful possibilities. It is the year when many stunning bridal trends, as well as gorgeous takes on some of yesteryear’s favorite motifs, are taking off once again. Here are the top wedding trends to consider when tying the know in 2017.

Wedding Décor and Themes

A subtle tweak to the ever reliable vintage them is expected to hit the right notes for a wedding in 2017. An industrial enclosure such as a warehouse can exude warmth when stylishly decked out with candles or twinkling strings of yellow lights. The same is true for holding your wedding reception in a rooftop space where the cityscape views can dazzle your guests.

Tried and tested color palettes are expected to be overhauled in 2017. Otherwise, they will certainly look dated. One example of a wedding color scheme that should be retired soon is golf tones paired with blacks and whites. Consider refreshing combination with gold. Robin’s egg blue or coral would look smashing and downright homely at the same time. For motifs, watercolor patterns, as well as dainty florals, are big this year. Bold and catchy geometric patterns such as chevron have been thankfully overdone.

For ideas on centerpieces, mull over unexpected organic pieces like succulents, mossy driftwood, and over-the-top blossom-free wild greenery. Consider mixing old elements with contemporary ones, too.

For outdoor rustic weddings, the over-the-top bohemian scheme has also been played our far too many times. Natural and artisan-made elements (miniature wine barrels for flower vases!) are still going strong, but 2017 sees them complemented by modern pieces that sport clean lines.

Bridal Wear

Wedding dresses that work overtime are predicted to grow more popular this year. Consider opting for one with a removable so you can switch from a ball gown for the ceremony to a flattering sheath dress during the reception. Plunging neckline, off-the-shoulder silhouettes, and Renaissance-era bodice designs featuring well-defined shoulders and square necklines are all making a strong comeback in 2017. More stylish bridal wear trends include intricate three-dimensional floral detailing such as massive fabric florals, cascading ruffles, bell sleeves, and long sleeves.

Wedding Reception

The traditional wedding cake is not going to be retired soon. More and more couple, however, are choosing equally sumptuous treats like cookies and doughnuts for their wedding reception’s dessert fare.

One great idea for your 2017 wedding would be to incorporate your history as a couple into your menu. Aside from the standard reception of fish, meat, and vegetarian options, why not consider offering your guests a taste of the street food you discovered and loved to eat during one memorable date a few years back? Or how about that super delicious and spicy Asian fare you sampled in one of your travels?

All in all, on-trend wedding in 2017 celebrate the fusion of natural environment and modern luxury, as well as pay homage to concepts related to family, community, and the connected world. The latter is evidenced by more and more couple celebrating their union and using, among other sustainable options, organic produce, regional cuisine, and in-season flowers for their wedding day.

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