Best Concealers to get a Flawless Look

The first step in getting flawless looking skin:

Apply a moisturizer with SPF to help concealer glide on smoothly. Then use concealer only where you need it, like on undereyes circle and blemishes, advises many makeup artists.  Try a creamy formula in a shade that matches your skin tone. Choosing a shade lighter is a myth.

Too white circles under your eyes look like you wore goggles while tanning.

Apply in little stripes with a pointed concealer brush.  Then blend using your ring finger for the lightest touch, and don't tug on delicate undereye areas.

It is recommended that you use a synthetic brush when applying cream-based products and concealer vs a natural brush because the cuticle of natural hair contains tiny "scales" that absorb moisture from the product, which can result in an uneven application.

Synthetic bristles are far less absorbent, so they don't alter a concealers consistency.

Here are some creamy formula product recommendations:

Laura Mercier Secret Concealer ($22.).

Top Concealer Products:

1. Laura Mercier Secret Concealer

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Top Concealer Products: Bobbi Brown Creamy Concealer
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Synthetic Concealer Brush:

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Concealer Brush
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Makeup Tips to Look Younger Now!


Take Off 10 years with these Makeup tips:

1. Use a Full-Coverage Liquid Foundation.

An older complexion needs more coverage, not more product. Layering on a sheer formula isn’t your best bet.

Instead use a small amount of full-coverage liquid foundation.

Since these formulas are denser, they are better at camouflaging imperfections.

Use a foundation brush to apply color down the center of your face, then gently sweep it outward.


Age-Defying Foundation Product Recommendations:

A Great foundation recommendation is Dermablend Smooth Indulgence with SPF 20.

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The Perfect Foundation Brush is Revlon’s Foundation Brush.

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2. Use a Liquid Highlighter.

Lift droopy cheeks with a liquid highlighter. Have you noticed that the supple skin that once plumped up your cheeks has now headed south for your jawline?  Don’t panic, here’s the trick:  Smile wide and use the tip of your ring finger (it applies the lightest pressure on delicate aging skin) to gently tap liquid highlighter along your cheekbones, from just beyond the apples of your cheeks up toward your temples until you meet your hairline.  The product contains light-reflecting particles that draw the eye upward and away for m droopy jowls.

A great liquid highlighter is Arbonne Sheer Glow Highlighter .

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Top 5 Mascaras



Get the mascara that works best for the look your trying to achieve!

1. Maybelline New York Volume Express Mascara:

One coat give you fat lashes. Perfect when you have exactly two minutes.

Looking to impress that special someone or going on a first day and want that extra touch of fun and flirty? Well then try this fabulous mascara.

2. Rimmel London Glam Eyes Day 2 Night Mascara in Black.


This mascara will make your eye really stand out?

This mascara really makes eyes look full and flirty.

A great mascara for a night out on the town.

Shop Now and Save for Rimmel Glam'eyes Day 2 Night Mascara.

Get the perfect mascara for outdoor activities like hiking and biking.

3. Neutrogena Healthy Lengths Mascara.


This mascara  keeps your lashes looking good even when swimming.

Shop Now and Save on Neutrogena Healthy Volume Waterproof Mascara.

Are you looking for a mascara that can really style and curl your lashes then this mascara is perfect for you.

4. Dior Diorshow Mascara.

This innovative mascara with rotating wand deserves the Nobel Prize for mascara. This mascara will give you the best lash extension, long and luxurious, like results.

Do you have tiny lashes? If so this mascara is perfect for you.

5. Estee Lauder Sumptuous Extreme Lash Multiplying Mascara.


This mascara makes even teeny tiny lashes look lush. Plus the color is very natural looking.

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Makeup Tips for a Perfect Look!

1. Maximize Moisture. Foundation can stick to dry patches of skin and accentuate them not pretty.  To help parched skin, mix equal parts moisturizer and foundation, then apply. 2. Brighten Up. Fight wintertime drabness with a bolder than usual blush or eye shadow.  A Bonus to experimenting in the cold weather: Makeup won't be subject to humidity and sweat, so it's likelier to stay put. 3. Troubleshoot Redness. Camouflage allover redness with a green-tinted moisturizer, like Physicians Formula Redness Correcting Moisturizer.  For an on the go fix (best for smaller areas like the nose), take Smashbox Photo Finish Color Correcting Adjust Foundation Primer with you, and pat it over trouble spots. Shop Now for Physicians Formula Powder Palette Color Corrective Powders, Multi-colored Corrector, Green. Shop Now for Smashbox Photo Finish Color Correcting Foundation Primer.

4.  Be Carefree with Liner. In the A.M., prep for tearing eyes by roughly lining your upper lashline and then smearing the liner up to the crease.  It will look like a veil of color.  If you touch it or mess it up during the day, it'll blend right in.  Try Almay Intenser i-color Eyeliner. Shop Now for Almay Intense i-Color Kohl Eyeliner for Brown Eyes Eye Liners. 5.  Treat Lips. A lip color with built in moisturizers helps keep chapping at bay.  Two to try: Cover Girl Nature Luxe Gloss Balm and Fresh Sugar Passion Tinted Lip Treatment SPF 15. Both have SPF to boot.

Best Makeup Tips for Out Door Activities!

1. Foundation Makeup.

Look great this summer season by wearing makeup that is waterproof.

Don't do without just because of the summer heat or out door activities.

Your skin can look flawless at poolside or at the beach by using a makeup that ready does stay on.


Have you tried Revlon one-step foundation?

Revlon one-step foundationIt is a creamy compact that turns a bit powdery, and it stays on in water.

It's not advertised a waterproof, but it really doesn't come off in the heat or while swimming.

Shop Now and Save on Revlon New Complexion One Step Compact Makeup.

Look great in the warm weather. And don't worry about swimming this Revlon Complexion One Step will stay on and look great.


2. Sun Protection.

On the go sun protection

There are some great on the go stick sun protection that you can throw into your bag and always have on hand.

Try Solar Sense Clear Zinc SPF 50 Carded Stick.


3. Mascara

Most of us do not want go out doors without putting on mascara. Mascara is probably one of the most important beauty products that we cannot do without. So even at the pool or beach we want to be able to wear mascara and not to worry about it smudging. So there are definitely some great waterproof mascaras that will not look globby or are impossible to remove at the end of the day.

The Cover girl water proof mascara keeps lashes looking beautiful without becoming globby or runny, so give this product a try it really does work.

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Lip Color Trend: Red Lipsticks

Red Lipstick is a Hot Fashion Trends.

Spring fashion trends are bold lip colors; including this fabulous bold red. Bold color lips can easily become a statement piece and perfect for adding a pop of color to your overall look. So this spring don't be afraid to grab your brightest hued lip gloss or lipstick for the perfect springy look. Just be sure you know the number 1 rule for wearing red lipstick; keeping the rest of your face minimal. So, go easy on your eyes and cheeks.

This bold lipstick trend makes your Spring  fashions captivating.

A red lip means different things to different people. If you have lighter skin-tones, a more coral or orange-based red is your best option. Women with more medium tones can usually sport a true red, while my darker-skinned clients tend to prefer deeper, burgundy red tones. Perfect Red lipstick Recommendations for your gorgeous Spring and Summer Looks! Laura Geller Lipstick Coral Chiffon (coral red shimmer) a huge trend for Spring.


A Perfect Red lip color for lighter skin-tones.Lush, luxurious lip color. Lip plumping formula with treatment spheres that create fuller-looking lips with a lush creamy finish that minimizes fine lines.

Laura Geller Lipstick Coral Chiffon (coral red shimmer) is great for Spring and Summer.

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Vincent Longo True Red Lipstick.

A perfect red lip color for medium toned skin.Provides vibrant color for your lips Velvety soft & comfortable to wear Long lasting for hours Offers sheer to medium coverage

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Get Gorgeous Holiday Nails

The perfect holiday nail touch to top off your stylish fashion look:

Make your nails as festive as your mood with the hottest nail trends: Sparkle!

From glitter-infused top coats and metallic finishes to twinkling rhinestones and shimmery jewel tones, there’s no doubt about it your nails are going to shine!

Give your nails a touch of holiday spirit with the gift wrap!

Why you’ll love it:

This look is really dramatic because of the classic red base shade, and the sparkly green bow makes it super-festive!

How to get the gift wrap nail look?

1. Sweep on two coats of opaque red polish and let dry fully.

2. Dip a lip liner brush into a bright green polish then make two intersecting line: one vertical, one horizontal.

3. With a toothpick or tweezers, place two emerald green triangle rhinestones (such as The DL professional deluxe Rhinestones Nail Art Kit below, $12.00 at at the intersection of the lines.

4.  Connect them point to point, creating a bow shape.

Show off perfect nails with the Tiara French!

Why you’ll love it:

There’s no better way to show off long, perfectly sculpted nails than by lining the free edge with a row of shimmering rhinestones. If you want to feel regal, this is the manicure for you!

How to get the Tiara French Nail look?

1. Apply two coats of opaque pink polish (such as Revlon Nail Enamel in Temptress).

2. While the polish is still tacky, use a toothpick or tweezers to apply a horizontal row of diamond (such as Cina Nail Art Rhinestones) along the free edge of each nail.

Tip! This nail treatment looks best on square-shaped nails-that way, the row of sparkly looks neat and orderly!

Make a dramatic statement with Gilded Evergreen!

How to get the Gilded Evergreen Look?

1.  Sweep on two coats of deep green polish (such as Nicole by OPE Nail Polish in fell for the tree) let it dry fully.

2.  Create a dot pattern with a glittery golden polish. Working down your nail bed, make a row of two dots, then one dot, repeating until you reach the free edge.

3. top with a clear, glossy top coat to enhance shimmer flecks.

Nail tips:

Prevent chipping! – Oils on your nails can prevent polish from adhering properly and also cause polish to chip faster.

So swipe all your nails with a cotton pad dipped in polish remover before applying enamel.

Holiday Flattering Short Nails with the Snowy Sky!

Why you’ll love it:

White polish makes short nails look longer because it’s a neutral shade, the snowflakes are easy to paint on and perfect for holiday parties!

How to the get the Snowy Sky Look for short nails?

1. Sweep on two coats of creamy white nail polish(such as Revlon Nail Enamel in White on White) let dry fully.

2. Use blue nail polish to make a cross on each nail either in the center or off center.

3. Make an intersecting X through the cross.

4. Dot each end of the cross.

5. Finish off the flake with a small silver rhinestone at the center.

Enjoy the holidays with your beautiful Nails!

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Make-Up for Fall Beauty tips

Fall Makeup tips and toolsDon’t ever be afraid to play with a new look, and never abandon what makes you feel most comfortable. True beauty comes when a woman finds the delicate balance between creativity, whimsy, and self-confidence that her make-up should bring to her daily life. Check out these fall beauty make-up tips for your chic look!

1. Keep that healthy summer glow.

Switch from a mattifying foundation to something with a richer, dewy texture to help your skin prepare for weather changes.

2. Try a sleek, sexy, smoky-eye look to match the rich colors of fall…

Wear a deeper shade of eyeliner, such as a deep violet, cafe brow, or hunter green.

3. Want your eyes to pop without heavy clumps of mascara?

You need more lashes! Try semi-permanent eyelash extensions. Adding some length and volume will bring out the color and shape of the eye without your having to add anything to your make-up bag.

4. Put some shimmer in your shadow.

Switch to deeper shades of bronze, charcoal, or plum to add just a hint of sparkle to your sexy, smoky eye.

5. Intensify your lips.

Wear your favorite stand-alone summer gloss over a deeper, more opaque lipstick.  This is a rich, intense look that will really define your lips.

6. Learn from the runways.

Runway beauty is gorgeous and specifically created to evoke thought and set trends. “These looks should always be interpreted as conceptual, not literal!” says Nigara, of runway styles. “Women should take the ideas as direction and try to implement seasonal changes in their daily routines, but only if it works for them.”

Phenomen’eye Precision Mascara


Have you tried the Phenomen’eyes the latest technologies in mascaras from Givenchy? It is getting a lot of great buzz and reviews for its full fan precision that shapes and lengths the lashes.

This mascara uses a revolutionary high tech new design, its round sphere wand reaches every lash and adapts to all shaped eye lashes.

The effect is immediate: an incredibly full fan of curved and lengthened lashes – for truly professional make-up.

Now Givenchy LeMakeup collection for 2010 has launched the Phenomen’eye waterproof mascara.

This new waterproof mascara  is causing excitement for many women who are looking for a revolutionary mascara that shapes every lash, and lasts even after a day at the pool!  So you can have beauty long lashes and enjoy the summer activities.

Have you tried the Phenomen’eve mascara, if so, what do think of it?

Makeup Beauty Guide for a Perfect Look

Do you want that perfect beautiful looking Makeup?

Here are some tips to get your great look!


1. Use a synthetic brush when applying concealer and other cream-based products.

It is recommended that you use a synthetic brush when applying cream-based products and concealer vs a natural brush because the cuticle of natural hair contains tiny “scales” that absorb moisture from the product, which can result in an uneven application.

Synthetic bristles are far less absorbent, so they don’t alter a concealers consistency.

2. Get Smooth Luscious Lips

Exfoliate your lips to keep your lips smooth and to make your lipstick glide on more evenly.

Take a clean, dry toothbrush (not the one your use to brush your teeth) and rub a bit of Vaseline onto the bristles. Then gently brush your lips for several seconds to smooth away rough spots.

3.Enhance your Makeup with a Primer

Using a primer is a great way to get beautiful long lasting makeup. A primer gives the makeup something to grab onto and helps your makeup last longer because the primer creates a smooth and perfect surface. Most of them are oil and fragrance free and have a gel formula that allows an even and precise application.

They especially work well for people with oily combination skin as they control excess shine and absorb the oil. A makeup primer is also appropriate for those with very dry and sensitive skin as it nourishes the skin and calms inflammations. A primer should be applied after your moisturizer and before the foundation.

It is recommended that you let the primer sink in for a few minutes it gives it enough time to penetrate into your skin. Apply it with your finger to the areas where your makeup doesn’t last longer which is usually the chin, lips, eyelids or over the entire face. A makeup primer should always be applied on clean skin.