Get Gorgeous Holiday Nails

The perfect holiday nail touch to top off your stylish fashion look:

Make your nails as festive as your mood with the hottest nail trends: Sparkle!

From glitter-infused top coats and metallic finishes to twinkling rhinestones and shimmery jewel tones, there’s no doubt about it your nails are going to shine!

Give your nails a touch of holiday spirit with the gift wrap!

Why you’ll love it:

This look is really dramatic because of the classic red base shade, and the sparkly green bow makes it super-festive!

How to get the gift wrap nail look?

1. Sweep on two coats of opaque red polish and let dry fully.

2. Dip a lip liner brush into a bright green polish then make two intersecting line: one vertical, one horizontal.

3. With a toothpick or tweezers, place two emerald green triangle rhinestones (such as The DL professional deluxe Rhinestones Nail Art Kit below, $12.00 at at the intersection of the lines.

4.  Connect them point to point, creating a bow shape.

Show off perfect nails with the Tiara French!

Why you’ll love it:

There’s no better way to show off long, perfectly sculpted nails than by lining the free edge with a row of shimmering rhinestones. If you want to feel regal, this is the manicure for you!

How to get the Tiara French Nail look?

1. Apply two coats of opaque pink polish (such as Revlon Nail Enamel in Temptress).

2. While the polish is still tacky, use a toothpick or tweezers to apply a horizontal row of diamond (such as Cina Nail Art Rhinestones) along the free edge of each nail.

Tip! This nail treatment looks best on square-shaped nails-that way, the row of sparkly looks neat and orderly!

Make a dramatic statement with Gilded Evergreen!

How to get the Gilded Evergreen Look?

1.  Sweep on two coats of deep green polish (such as Nicole by OPE Nail Polish in fell for the tree) let it dry fully.

2.  Create a dot pattern with a glittery golden polish. Working down your nail bed, make a row of two dots, then one dot, repeating until you reach the free edge.

3. top with a clear, glossy top coat to enhance shimmer flecks.

Nail tips:

Prevent chipping! – Oils on your nails can prevent polish from adhering properly and also cause polish to chip faster.

So swipe all your nails with a cotton pad dipped in polish remover before applying enamel.

Holiday Flattering Short Nails with the Snowy Sky!

Why you’ll love it:

White polish makes short nails look longer because it’s a neutral shade, the snowflakes are easy to paint on and perfect for holiday parties!

How to the get the Snowy Sky Look for short nails?

1. Sweep on two coats of creamy white nail polish(such as Revlon Nail Enamel in White on White) let dry fully.

2. Use blue nail polish to make a cross on each nail either in the center or off center.

3. Make an intersecting X through the cross.

4. Dot each end of the cross.

5. Finish off the flake with a small silver rhinestone at the center.

Enjoy the holidays with your beautiful Nails!

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