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Skin Care Solutions to Five Things That Make You Look Older

Looking Younger Skin Care Tips

No, not wrinkles. That would be obvious.  Lots of other skin woes can age even a young women before her time. Here’s how to fight back!

After seeing pictures of Lindsay Hohan when she was sentenced to 90 days in jail plus rehab this past July, many people raised an eyebrow at her appearance.  At just 24, she looked swollen, sallow, exhausted – older.  Granted, the women has had a hard couple of years.  But even those without addictions and ankle bracelets are at risk too.

Many of us are so busy obsessing over little lines that we ignore other signs of aging that can be prevented or repaired with a few easy adjustments.  So what could be wreaking havoc on your face?  Here’s what to watch out for, along with no-brainer ways to turn back the clock.

1. A Dull Complexion

Sure, sure, by now you probably know that skipping your daily skin care routine can make you zitty, but can it also make you look older?  Unfortunately, yes.  If you are not cleansing your skin on a regular basis, dead skin cells start to accumulate on the surface.  All those unsloughed cells block the work of moisturizers and anti-aging creams and make your skin look lackluster.  And if that’s not skeevy enough, research has shown that free radical in the environment can react with remaining dirt and oil to damage and age skin over time.

Solutions to A Dull Complex:

Take your skin care as seriously as your pedicure colors.  We cut corners, but we should be giving our skin as much attention as we give our other external features, like hair, nails and teeth.  If you don’t have time to wash your face in the morning, do at least a quick sweep of toner.  And after a long day, you definitely need to wash your face, whether you wore makeup or not.  There is always sebum produced and outside pollutants to wash off.  Don’t stop there: Gentle exfoliation a couple of times a week is a must for young, healthy skin.  Here are some guidelines to degunk pores:  For sensitive skin, just rub a wet wash cloth over your face in a circular motion for a minute or two; a couple of times a week is enough.  Oily skin types can use a glycolic exfoliator on a daily basis, and normal skin can use one up to three times a week. A recommendation is an electric cleansing, the skin care brush; like the clarisonic skin care brush try it with a bit of face wash.

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2. Pesky Dark Brown Spots

The most likely cause of brown spots is our good old friend and foe: the sun.  UV rays can trigger an overproduction of melanin in the skin, and the effect on your appearance is every bit as aging as wrinkles.  Shockingly, a 2009 study done on facial aging in identical twins found that different amounts of sun exposure made the more sun damaged sibling look as much as 10 years older!  A lot of what we call aging is actually photo-aging from the sun.  But first of all, what does a sunspot look like?  Basically, i’ts a big freckle that’s symmetrical and all one color, as opposed to skin cancer, which generally have asymmetry, irregular borders, color changes and a diameter larger than six millimeters, or about a quarter of an inch.

Solutions to Pesky Dark Spots

Wear sunscreen, folks.  Some people think if the damage was done in their teens, why bother with sunscreen now?  This is a serious mistake, because sun damage is cumulative it’s never too late to regularly use an SPF of at least 30.

And there are ways to deal with the damage you already have, too.  Once you are in your thirties, everybody has some pigmentation that shows up from sun damage that happened before you were 18.  It’s easy to add a toner to your daily routine.  Look for lightening agents like Kojic acid, arbutin, emblica or hydroquinone, which can even out your skin tone.  Using a dark spot treatment will do the trick too.  Hyperpigmentation also frequently occurs in dark-skinned people in response to inflammation or hormones.  These lighteners will tackle those spots, which can darken from sun exposure, get to keep them in check with your daily dose of sunscreen.

3. Major Dryness

It’s no coincidence that the dude who represents the harshest season of the year is call old Man Winter, chilly weather is brutal on the skin.  the cold air and arid indoor heat break down you skin’s protective barrier, making it blotchy, flaky, older seeming.  A youthful glow is all about luminosity.  Dry, rough, scaly skin stops light in its tracks.

Solution to Major Dryness:

Get a good moisturizer that’s right for you.  If you have normal to acne prone skin, look for a light, non comedogenic lotion.  Oily skin types can get away with just swiping on serum. For those with super dry complexions, rich hydrators with shea butter, petrolatum or dimethicone.  And don’t forget to hydrate at night, too.  Before bed, smear on an anti-aging night moisturizer to do double duty.

4. Puffy Eyes Bags

You might not experience these till your forties or beyond but in this world, many women get them earlier, and they can make you look older then your are.

Solutions to puffy eyes – bags

Spending more time in the sack could help.  chronic fatigue leads to overproduction of stress hormones, which creates an inflammatory response in your skin.  Getting at least seven hours of sleep a night would be fantastic.  Two or three consecutive night of good sleep can make a huge difference, but even one night is helpful.  The way you snooze also impacts puffiness.  If you sleep on you stomach or on your side, fluid can accumulate under the skin around the eyes.  Try to sleep on you back with your head elevated on an extra pillow to drain any excess.  It’s worth a shot the more often you do it, the easier it is for gravity to work.  A fix for morning emergencies: Stick a wet washcloth in the freezer for 15 minutes, then use it as a cool compress.

Another trick:  Try an eye treatment with a roller ball applicator to help the product sink in deeper.  It mimics the action of patting on cream with your finger, but does it faster.

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