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Beauty Tips for Radiant Skin!

Most women want younger looking skin, so how do we get that glowing summer radiant looking skin this summer? Well, it starts with a super-hydrating beauty routine. And a glowing complexion begins with clean skin, and it is not about stripping the skin with abrasive cleansers and soaps, this will only create more problems for your skin. It is about cleansing the skin, so your skin maintains its moisture.

1. Cleanse the skin twice a day…

eliminate impurities and toxins, reducing build up that causes clogged pores and dull skin. Once a week use an exfoliating cleanser which removes dead skin cells, and increases cell turnover, allowing the moisturizing ingredients in your product moisturizer to sink into the skin. This will make your skin soft and radiant perfect for showing off your legs in those sexy summer fashions.

Recommended Gentle Cleansers for glowing skin!

2. Use a Moisturizer with SPF

Remember to use a moisturizer with SPF that contains both UVB and UVA protection, to prevent premature aging and skin cancer. And it is also recommended that you use a moisturizer with anti-aging ingredients this will also help in preventing early aging.

3. Fight and Reduce those Fine Lines…

that appear around your eyes and lips, which is the first sign your skin is loosing moisture.

It is never to early to start using eye creams whether you are preventing or reversing the sign of aging. Your eye area is the most delicate area of your skin, this is why this is the first area that starts to show those fine lines. And because this is the most delicate area of your face, it is so important to use an eye cream to treat your under eye area, and not your face moisturizer.

Recommended Eye Creams for Younger Looking Skin:

4. Fight Cellulite

Many women suffer from the dreaded cellulite build up which is a toxin build up, and you don’t need to be over weight to have it, even the thin and slender suffer from the ugly cellulite.

But there are products and recommendations to help you fight the cellulite battle. So enjoy the summer, show off that body, and wear those sexy cloths with extra help from our favorite beauty products.

Here are some Cellulite product recommendations to reduce cellulite:

  • bliss fatgirlscrub – What a great name! This product contains what is called the “circulation -stimulating himalayan pink salt that stimulates the skin’s circulation which may smooth away unsightly lumps and bumps for a smoother, sexy silhouette.

Lancome’s Secret DE VIE – This Ultimate Cellular Reviving Creme is getting some great buzz and reviews.

5. Sunscreen – Protect your skin from aging.

The sun is the number one cause of aging – if you want younger younger looking skin use sunscreen.

Product Recommendations
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