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Aveeno Hydrosport sunblock Spray Reviews

The newest innovation from Aveeno hydrosport is the first full strength Active Naturals sun protection that…

You can apply hydrosport sunblock directly to wet skin with minimal dripping or running so it keeps on working.

Dermatologists advice frequent re-application of sun protection, especially after skin gets wet.

Harnessing the water repelling abilities of natural lotus complex, these revolutionary formulas have been specially developed for better wet skin application compared to ordinary sunscreens.

It’s perfect to bring to the pool and the beach, because it’s so easy to reapply even when wet so enjoy your warm weather activities.

What is the Natural Lotus Complex?

Natural Lotus Complex is a new innovative formula that allows you to apply to wet skin and still be protected, it doesn’t run off the skin.

The lotus plant grows in the water and has special water-repelling abilities enabling it to withstand water and rise about its surface as a perfect flower. But unleashing the power of the natural lotus complex, these active naturals formulas can adhere to skin and block sun’s rays, even when skin is wet.

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