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Dr Oz on Sero Vital-hgh to Look Younger


A recent study on SeroVital-hgh showed patients given a special blend of amino acids saw their HGH levels spike more then 6 times…

Is there a way to increase growth hormone levels naturally? Until recently, the answer to that question would have been a resounding “no.” However, in September of 2012, a group of some of the most highly respected scientists in the world presented their research findings at the prestigious Obesity Society’s 30th Annual Scientific Meeting.  These research results made headlines, because they showed that for the first time, there was an oral compound capable of increasing mean, bioactive, serum (blood) growth hormone levels by 682%.

The forumula that was the subject of these research findings is now being sold by SanMediac International under he trade name Sero Vital.  And despite its much-hyped reseach, Sero Vital remained an “underground”  sensation until the famed Dr. Oz disucssed the product’s research on his show.  He introduced the show segment by asking his audience, “How many of you want to start feeling 20 years younger right now?”  and then discussed what he called “a new frontier; stimulating your body’s production of growth hormones naturally with amino acids.”

And when Dr. Oz told his audience “I have been searching for this from the day we started the show.  I’ve been looking for ways of increasing HGH naturally because I don’t like getting the injections,” you can image the frenzy he started.

Before long, SanMedica was having trouble keeping Sero Vital with its proprietary, highly specialized, patent pending amino acid formula in stock.  It went from underground sensation ot full-blown phenomenon.

Now, after more then 30 years of time-consuming, detailed research, there’s finally an affordable oral formula that encourage the pituitary gland to increase growth hormone production naturally, without dangerous drugs or synthetic hormone injections.

So what’s the catch?

Well, there are three.  First, as with HGH injections, SeroVital is not a “magic bullet,” but one part of a healthy lifestyle choice including a balanced diet and exercise regimen.

They believe HGH reduces body fat, increases lean muscle mass, boosts mood, heightens sex drive, give them plenty of energy and gets rid of wrinkles.

Second, for proper absorption, you have to take SeroVital-hgh on an empty stomach.  That means you either have to take it first thing in the morning and then not eat anything for two hours, or take it at night, at least two hours after your last meal..before you go to bed.

Is SeroVital-hgh worth it?

To me, anything that may reduce wrinkles, decrease body fat, increase lean muscle mass, strengthen bones, and boost mood, while giving you plenty of energy and improving sex drive, is a no brainer.

So where can you get SeroVital-hgh?

Your can get it here:

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