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Probiotics for Beautiful Looking Skin

We all know probiotics can improve our health by promoting the balance of good bacteria in our digestive systems.

But did you know these micro miracle workers can also beautify skin when applied topically? In the past, probiotic-infused products had to be refrigerated to keep the bacteria dormant otherwise they died off before they could be effective.

But scientists recently found that proteins extracted from active probiotics have the same bad bacteria balancing power as live cultures and remain potent when stored at room temperature.

This discovery enabled them to infuse the  protein the protein into a variety of skin-pampering products

Skincare Treatments for Gorgeous Skin!

Reduce Redness

More than 14 million American have rosacea, a skin conditon in which the blood vessels on the face become inflamed and cause the complexion to appear ruddy.  While rosacea can be triggered by stress, alcohol and harsh weather, scientists recently learned that bacteria carried by demodexmites (that live on the skin) may also contribute to flare-tips.  The reason: As the miroscopic mites die, an over abundance of harmful bacteria are released in the skin.  In some people, this triggers and immune reaction, resulting in redness and irritation.

The Key to Regaining a Beautiful, Even Complexion:  

a soothing foundation infused with acidophilus protein, which stimulates the production of interleukin 10, an anti-inflammartory compound that instantly calms redness.  The protein also fortifies skin to help prevent new flare-ups.

Product Recommendation with Probiobiotics Reduce Redness :

Clinique Redness solutions Makeup SPF 

To Ease Fine Lines

Age, sun and pollution aren’t the only factors that can break down collagen and elastin-the structural proteins responsible for smooth, youthful looking skin. Inflammation caused by an excess of harmful bacteria in the skin can also damage collagen and elastin, which leads to sagging, fine lines and wrinkles.

But applying a facial mask that contains bifidobacterium protein balances skin-irritanting “bad bugs’ and stimulates skin at a cellular level, revving the production of collagen and elastin.  In addition, the probiotic protein boosts the production of skin’s anti-aging antioxidants (which help fight against inflammation) and hyaluronic acid (which locks moisture into skin cells) for a soft, youthful glow.

Product Recommendation:

Burt’s Bees intense Hydration Treatment Mask

To Banish Blemishes

Everyone has both good and bad bacteria or miroflora, in the skin. But when oil glands produce too much sebum, it “feeds” the bad bacteria, called propionibacterium acnes. The result: an overpopulation of P, acnes that creates infections in the pores that appear as blemishes.

To the rescue: Using a cleanser infused with healthy lactobacillus protein as well as alpha-glucan oligosaccharides a “bio-selective” sugar molecule that feeds only the healthy bacteria increases the number of “good bugs” on the skin, naturally inhibiting pimple causing P. acnes.  And unlike chemical based washes, probiotic cleansers clear break-outs without drying or upsetting skin’s pH, so skin stays radient.

Product Recommendation

Andaiou Naturals Probiotic Cleansing Milk in Apricot.

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