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Zoom Teeth Whitening | is it Painful?

It is day two of my zoom whitening treatment something I put off for a long time because of the dreaded reviews that say it causes excruciating pain. But I decided to go for it anyway it was time to give my teeth a whitening. My teeth looked ok but really needed a cleaner look. Lets face it there is nothing like a nice white smile. After reading some of the reviews I did a few things to prepare; I got a teeth cleaning a week before the procedure and used Act Fluoride anti-cavity daily for 2 weeks prior to the whitening and I had very little pain. Honestly I had one to two zingers that really weren’t bad and thats it.

I am not sure if what I did prior to the procedure helped but I am glad I did it. Plus it had been over a year since I had a teeth cleaning so it was important that I do the cleaning regardless of the pain – you get better results the cleaner your teeth are. A good cleaning makes greats sense because it removes all the stain so the whitening gel can do a better job on the enamel. Also you are able to see if there’s any cavities that need to be fixed before the Zoom is done. The zoom whitening procedure consists of 45 minutes to prepare and isolate the soft tissues and teeth. It is then followed by three 15 minute intervals of whitening with the gel painted on the teeth and the zoom laser to whiten.

I used the groupon offer which include 3 applications which is less then a typically procedure but should still give you good results and it did. My teeth are definitely whiter they maybe could be a little whiter but I am still happy with the results

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