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What’s Hot in Handbag Trends for 2010?

Are you looking for a chic trendy handbag for this season? Handbags are a major accessory for every woman and will compliment your favorite fashion look.

The 2010 handbag trends represent individuality and originality in an electric way. Every woman wants a fashionable chic handbag to complete their look. These great fashion items come in a large variety of shapes, colors, styles and fabrics.

This season handbags are luxurious, chic and feminine, perfect for your event event whether it is a professional event or a hot date . Every women will be able to find a handbag that suits their style and taste. Every women has their unique taste and preference, but there are a few hot trends for 2010 that any woman will crave.

I have been checking out the designers and it seems the following are going to be a big hit: 1) Soft embellishments 2) Jewel Tones 3) Multi Pockets 4) Double-Carry Options 5) Oversized Bags 6) Classic Shapes Personal taste dictates what style of bag you choose to carry.

Handbag trends come and go each year, so it is nice to know that there is a wide selection of  inexpensive trendy purses as well as top-of-the line bags. Regardless of your budget, these trends can be found at any price point. s

Soft embellishments are simple style elements added to a handbag to offer a bit of “oomph”. While last year brought us chains, large hoops and heavy zippers, this year brings us softer, more subtle embellishments.

Things to look for when it comes to soft embellishments: rouching, pleats and weaving of the exterior material; interesting straps and handles such as braiding or leather woven through (small) chain; fringe; mixed media (leather with suede or calf hair trim); and small metallic closures.

Additionally, patent leather is considered a soft embellishment, provided there are no other style elements to distract from the patent.

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